So, Jeff, tell me about yourself.

Sure. I'm a--

Oh, sorry, let me stop you there.  Could you do it in the third person? Thanks so much.

OK. Jeff is a creative director, writer, and infovore currently based in Washington D.C. After graduating with a degree in economics and finance, he spent a year in Germany on a federal exchange program for young professionals and subsequently worked for a year in Rwanda as a wine importer and business consultant (his German is better than his Kinyarwandan). After a fortuitous evening chat on porch with a filmmaker, he departed again for the States to indulge a longtime love of storytelling by interning at Florentine Films, where he performed photo research and snooped in on busy editors. The experience whetted his appetite for media work, so he became a bonafide freelancer upon moving to Atlanta. During that time he did work for Click 3x, Full Lock Media and a few others. He spent two years working full-time at Mountain View Group as an associate producer, where he has worked on projects for The Coca-Cola Company, GE, Family Dollar, The High Museum of Art, and more. Currently he's the creative director at George Mason University's Mercatus Center, where he helps economists make cool videos.

Jeff loves podcasts, and occasionally makes a few. While in Rwanda he wrote and hosted a series of podcasts exploring the expatriate life, about which you can read more here. He also has a fun TV podcast which you can listen to here.