There's No Place Like Heim

I now know my living accommodations for the two months I'll be studying in Köln. The details are no doubt of little interest to anyone besides myself and co-participants, so suffice to it so say I'll be situated several kilometers slightly to the northeast of the city centre in an area known as Dellbrück. I estimate that my subway ride (U-Bahn) each morning to class (and the city centre) will be on the order of 20 minutes, not because of distance but rather because of frequent stops. It appears, however, that if I hop on a different train (Schnellbahn), I'll cut the number of stops--and perhaps my traveling time--by half. This possibility warrants further investigation upon arrival.

I'm not sure many of my friends would share my feeling of utter sublimity when contemplating cavorting about on public transport. Even in Columbia, I've taken especial delight--completely aside from reasons environmental or economic--in being able to get around without a car. Maybe it's because the ability hearkens back to simpler times, or because I hate finding parking spaces, or that I find the aesthetics of development predicated on inexpensive oil displeasing, but I suspect the truth is different: despite my general tendency towards introversion, I nonetheless enjoy the communal nature of public transport, which is itself often borne out of high population density. This side of my personality seems at odds with my general disposition, but if I were to sit on a psychiatrist's couch I wouldn't be surprised if I were told it manifested itself though a childhood experience of being lost alone in the Rockies for a few hours.

Of course, who needs the catharsis of a psychiatrist visit when you have a blog!