Renaissance Man

I read a lot of economics blogs on daily basis, but if I had to choose just one to read it would be Marginal Revolution. Is it co-authored by two economics professors at GMU, and one of them, Tyler Cowen, is an especial delight. He earns my utmost respect not only because he's a brilliant and engaging economist, but also because he's extremely knowledgeable about different cultures and can speak with amazing breadth and depth about various world cuisine, art, and music (have a look at this to fully appreciate his interests). It's not often you discover someone is both a "nerdy" genius and has also written a well-respected dining guide to the DC area. I have already pre-ordered his new book, which you can learn more about here. I've been described as a Renaissance Man from time to time, but my interests are a mile wide and an inch deep--Cowen's knowledge, on the other hand, is both deep and wide. Oh that I could have his mind!