Mr. Holmes Goes To Washington

I'm in DC for the next two days with CBYX attending various workshops before I and the other CBYXers head off to Germany. Today we had the afternoon free to walk around and take in some of our last views of America before being away for a year. Some others and I took the opportunity to visit the Air & Space Museum and the Museum of Natural History. Afterwards, since it was raining, most others in the group decided to take a taxi back to Georgetown. I and another guy, however, decided we'd rather just walk the couple miles back, deciding that our willingness to endure wetness would pay dividends in the form of some unexpected discovery or adventure. It did, as Marine One flew over our heads (no doubt with POTUS on board beaming down upon us) and then a bunch of beeping cars with Iraqis hanging out the window brandishing their national flag streamed past us. Now I just need to experience the joy of discovering a cheap place to eat.