Is Bottled Water Proof That Consumers Are Daft? So Asks The Economist.

It is interesting that I should come across this article after listening to two other PPLers touch on the merits and demerits of bottled water this morning. As the article points out, much of bottled water (including such brands as Aquafina and Dasani) is derived from the same reservoirs as tap water, and many studies have shown that tap water is actually purer than bottled water (at least in the plant). Why then do we consumers pay such large (>1,000%) premiums for the bottled stuff?

Ignorance and convenience are perhaps the two biggest drivers, and I suspect that the former far outweighs the latter. As for me, I find that carrying a bottle of water is a great way to save money in Europe--but only because all but the bottle's first load comes from the kitchen faucet and because I've perfected covertly imbibing my stash while dining out, a technique that allows me to avoid expensive and aggravatingly insufficient restaurant drinks.