Morning Commute

I live about 12 kilometers from my language school, which is more or less in the city centre. To get to school, I walk to the U-bahn station at the end of my street, ride the 18 all the way into town, and from there can either walk or take another line to the next stop. From start to finish it takes about 35 minutes. Ever since I first arrived in Köln I wanted to make an uninterrupted recording of the entire journey and then make some sort of video out of it. Well, I've finally succeeded and readers can see the uploaded result below (As a bit of a disclaimer, I was using a digital camera rather than a camcorder, so in order to be able to capture 35 minutes of uninterrupted footage on a 1 gig memory card I had to ratchet down the resolution; as a result, the video is not as clear as I'd like. So ist das.).