Best Sentence(s) I Read Today

From a review of Prophet of Innovation: Joseph Schumpeter and Creative Destruction:

Schumpeter “liked to disrupt faculty meetings by turning up late, still clad in jodhpurs and helmet from his daily horseback ride.” He would say in later years that his ambition was to become the world’s greatest economist, the world’s greatest lover, and the world’s greatest horseman. “Things are not going so well,” he would add, smiling, “with the horses.”

Schumpeter is responsible for developing the first theories of how entrepreneurship effects technological change and innovation in an economy--he even coined the German word "Unternehmergeist" (entrepreneur-spirit) to describe this agent of change--unfortunately his term lost out to the French one.

Schumpeter and I have at least two similarities: our birthday, Feb. 8, and our ambition--though admittedly I have yet to get too much into horse riding.