And It's Not Over Yet

This weekend I encountered many personal firsts: getting carded at a grocery store while purchasing kölsch,  stepping onto an U-bahn and seeing amazing quantities of human effluence all about the floor, traveling to the Netherlands, and riding a bike in Europe (well, this time around anyway). Each of these had its pros and cons--even the vomit-strewn train ride was probably worth it just to be able to watch the expression on the faces of new passengers change from cautious excitement to abject disgust as they realized that all the free seats they were rushing towards had been abandoned for a reason.

Readers will be able to see a brief video of my bike ride in the Netherlands in the next few days. I would finish it today, but I've just decided to accomplish another first: I'm taking a train into town, finding a sunny park bench, reading the last 200 pages of Wealth Of Nations, and finally finishing my first book in Germany (again, this time around anyway).