De Hoge Veluwe

Last weekend I took a trip alone to Arnhem in the Netherlands. I originally wanted to go to Eindhoven because it is the city that the the 101st Airborne was supposed to capture during Operation Market Garden in World War II. Eindhoven was a little too expensive to get to, however, so I decided on Arnhem instead, which is where the British 1st Airborne dropped in during the same operation ( The film A Bridge Too Far is based on the struggle to capture the bridge in Arnhem.).


Ironically though, the thing which drew me to Arnhem did not capture any of my attention once there. I read about a giant nature park north of Arnhem before I went and decided to make that my first destination upon arrival. Unfortunately since the park is so large and a bit out of town, by the time I returned to Arnhem proper it was time to leave--disappointing since I was looking forward to visiting the Airborne museum.

The park was nevertheless worth the time spent. Visitors can pick up a free bicycle at one of the gates and roam about the 40 km of trails to their heart's content. I chose to ride around the circumference of the park, probably a distance of about 25 km. Along the ride I was treated to misty forests with lush moss carpeting the ground, large fields where one could see for kilometers in each direction, and even a giant sand dune. All can be seen in this video. I think it does a pretty good job of capturing the mood I was in during the several hours of my ride, even if the video's a little shaky since I was taking it on the fly.