The Cat's Out Of The Bag

I may have to change strategies:

It seems that a little bit of flirting - smiling, raising eyebrows, nodding - goes a long way towards attracting a woman, even outweighing the negative effects of some men's antisocial nature. "Antisocial men can make up a lot of ground just by being flirtatious," says psychologist Andrew Clark.

I've always prided myself on the fact that my ability to nod and raise my eyebrows evidently outweighed my severe anti-social behavior with women. Good think the womens don't read anything other than Marie Claire and Cosmo or else they might wise up to my game.


In other news, I've cleaned my flat, packed my bags, and am mentally prepared for my 6-hour train ride tomorrow to my new home in Rostock. In a few minutes I will join my fellow PPPlers for a bit of fellowship before we head our separate ways.

But before that I'm going to finish this inordinately strong cocktail in my hand--another tactic, incidentally, in my social strategery.