Taking Stock of Things

A run-down of my first four days in Rostock: Saturday

  • Arrive at 5:30--wait an hour with my InWent liaison for fellow PPPler and new roommate, Austin
  • Arrive at dorm--realize that I have no sheets for the bed, a pillow, or even a towel--travel to liaison’s apartment, borrow bed linens, avoid newly dropped baby poo--undershirt suffices as ersatz towel for next two days
  • Take frenzied journey to one of the few grocery stores open after 8:00 in order to have enough food to last through the weekend (most stores closed on Sunday)
  • Talk with third roommate, Patrick, a German and a decent fellow


  • Tour with Austin around the city--discover that everything is eminently walkable--discover that our frenzied run to the grocery store the previous night was unnecessary as plenty of shops were open
  • Travel north 20 minutes via S-Bahn to Warnemünde, a quaint district on the Baltic Sea--dip my finger in the Sea, discover it to be slightly warmer than I thought it would be
  • Dine at "Little Money," a little eatery boasting the biggest cheeseburgers in Meck-Pomm--discover burgers to be only slightly off in taste to their American counterparts but just as big as promised


  • Try in vain to connect to University internet--truly lament having a Mac for the first time since purchase
  • Receive standard-issue bedding from University
  • Find a plate, fork, knife, spoon, coffee mug and iron at second-hand store for 8 €--revel in thriftiness
  • Buy further necessities such as a towel, cleaning supplies (see below), trash bags and a pot at "Marktkauf," a sort of German Wal-Mart
  • Spend a few hours cleaning the small kitchen top to bottom as it reeked--ask Patrick to show what can be thrown away in the refrigerator--listen as Patrick calls former roommate a "Schwein"--suppress thought that Patrick himself might be a wee-bit piggy himself


  • Meet with liaison to attempt signing housing contract--attempt unsuccessful
  • Attempt to register at University--attempt unsuccessful
  • Attempt to receive account information for University internet login--attempt unsuccessful and will continue to be for three weeks until student ID arrives in mail
  • Attempt again to register at University--successful
  • Purchase plug-in air freshener--revel in the olfactory wonderland it creates in the kitchen
  • Borrow Austin's computer to write blog post

It's been an adventure, to say the least. Future posts will contain the usual multimedia of my new milieu.