Best Sentence I Read Today

From the Sunday Herald:

Muslim extremists famously believe that suicide bombers will be rewarded in paradise with 72 virgins, although Christoph Luxenberg's contentious recent assertion that the original language of the Koran was Syriac, rather than Arabic, has given rise to an alternative translation - holy martyrs may in fact have been promised luscious "raisins", rather than "virgins".

Despite it being a gem, the above quotation belies the subject of the article it is contained in, which is actually concerned with modern attitudes towards virginity and not religious fanaticism. One of the central ideas it proffers forth is that while virginity is discussed a great deal, no one seems to know what it means. As for myself, I concluded long ago that virginity is far more of a psychological phenomenon than a physical one.

I was busy pondering this, of course, while everyone else was presumably committing wanton carnality with their own luscious raisins.