The Colbert Nation is not Exclusive to America

I'm really, really, really irritated. For the two years immediately prior to my coming to Germany, I worked for an economic institute working to improve the economy of my home state, South Carolina. One longstanding project was researching ways to improve agriculture in South Carolina. Last year, this clip by native son Stephen Colbert came to our attention. Seeing a golden opportunity, I immediately began pressing on the director of the institute the need to try and get Mr. Colbert's cooperation in some of our efforts (in whatever form it might take). I left however unsuccessful.

Well, today I get an e-mail from one of my old co-workers  with the following attachment :

I speak with little hyperbole when I now claim to have sacrificed the most of anyone by coming to Germany.

And one last fun fact: my last day at work was mostly spent ferrying around baskets of local peaches to board members.