Best (Credulity-Straining) Sentence I Read Today

From an article about Ayn Rand, referring to Atlas Shrugged:

To the dismay of [Rand's] more enthusiastic admirers, this popularity doesn’t indicate total agreement with her “Objectivist” philosophy so much as it is a tribute to the author’s talent for telling a rip-roaring fasten-your-seatbelts story.

Now, what little I know of Objectivism I'm sympathetic to, but describing Atlas Shrugged as a "rip-roaring fasten-your-seatbelts story" borders on the delusional. The fact that I finished it is testament of sheer masochistic willpower on my part and nothing else.

My incredulity at this article is only exceeded by the fact that a move version is due to come out in 2008 with Angelina Jolie and perhaps Brad Pitt playing main roles. Say what you will about the ethos of Hollywood, but I simply can't imagine this film will be released with its basic message intact--it's just