Geriatric Relations Sour

I'm making a trip to Hamburg today. In fact, I'd already be on my way if some old lady hadn't stopped me to ask how to use the ticket machine and delayed me just long enough so that I looked like an idiot pressing the "door open" button on the train to no avail just seconds before it pulled away. I thought I'd take the two hours until the next train that the old lady generously afforded me to give my hitherto lethargic readers yet another chance to actively engage with my little corner of the blogosphere. I've been disappointed with reader participation so far--the only person who regularly contributes is Figment J. Fictition (Fig for short), and even he has his moments of indifference.

So I pose a question to you, the loyal readers of TRZ: I am going to Hamburg for one specific reason today--why?

First reader to answer correctly in the comments wins a coupon good for one (1) free hug. Fig's told me he's already Googling for the answer furiously, so you best get a move on!

Hint: The answer is staring you right in the face.