Why I Went To Hamburg

Well, the comments got started off a bit slowly, but in the end I'm satisfied with the reader participation in response to the query posed in my last post. None of you, however, was able to guess correctly. I did not go to Hamburg for the Balzac coffee (though I do believe I walked past a Balzac coffee shop), nor did I go to stage a visit with other PPPlers or to buy a new computer. And no, Fig, I did not go to "eat a genuine Hamburger"--the capitalization in that sentence has the most unfortunate implications.

No, the real reason I went is below the fold...↓

All you had to do for the answer was look up:

I've been in love with this painting called Wanderer über dem Nebelmeer (Wanderer above the Sea of Mist) since first sight. In truth, I enjoy most of Caspar David Friedrich's work, a 19th century German Romantic artist (See here and here). When I saw that this particular work, and indeed an entire collection of Friedrich's paintings, was in the Kunsthalle in Hamburg, I knew I must go.

And that, dear readers, was why I went to Hamburg. Thanks for playing, and better luck next time.