Movin' On Up?

Despite the fact that there's still two weeks before I leave Rostock, my being in Munich next week has meant that I have already said my goodbyes to most of the people I've met here. What's striking is that virtually every German has the same reaction when I tell them that I'll be moving to Schwerin to do an internship: why zum Teufel would you want to move to Schwerin? The main reason for their incredulity is essentially that Schwerin, while being a far more sightly city than Rostock, is half its size (≈100,00 people) and has a more aged population. As a result, Schwerin is woefully lacking in the things that Rostock, being a college town, abundantly provides--namely, outlets in which young'uns can socialize.

What surprises me is that not one person has asked whether the internship appeals to me or how well it is compensated, which suggests an interesting indifference. I'm well aware of how many American and European cities are tripping over themselves in the scramble to attract the so-called "creative class" with snazzy loft apartments and art shows, but I suppose I always thought considerations about employment would factor in first. For me this is absolutely true--I care far more about what I'm doing than where I'm doing it--but it appears not to be true with the (young) Germans I've encountered, and I wonder if I am an outlier.

In any event, the knowledge that I have two lakes lapping against shores just a few steps from my apartment makes my moving there that much easier.