One Thing That Made Me Laugh Out Loud Today

Was this:

HE SLOUCHED onto the stage to light applause. He rambled like a man with his mouth full and nothing particular on his mind. He played up his Southern roots. “It's good to be back where people know how to cook green beans,” he said, referring to the Southern habit of boiling them to death.

The "he" in question is none other than Fred Thompson, who ended his lackadaisical presidential bid last week. Politics doesn't particularly interest me, so I'll merely comment that after six months consuming German cuisine I have surprisingly little craving for the home-cooked Southern fare on which I was raised. Inasmuch as I do miss food from home, however, I find that it has more do with a longing for variety more than anything else.

I would write more, but a plate of bread stacked with cheese and cold cuts beckons from the kitchen table.