A Dialogue...

...with one of my colleagues, Andreas Dagobert Will: "Here is that small write-up you requested."

"Thank you, Jeffrey (Examines paper with furrowed brow). It's very...logical. By the way, what are your plans after this program ends?"

"I'm not sure. I wouldn't mind staying in Europe, but I have some good contacts in the States whom I'm afraid of losing if I stay much longer."

"Hmmm. Well, I have good personal and business contacts with firms throughout Western Europe, Scandanavia, and England. I'm sure I could help you find a job--in fact, I helped the last intern get a good job in France."

"Well, crap."

Alternate titles to this post include:

"The Seen and the Unseen: The Cloaked Dagger of Opportunity Cost"

"All Crossroads are Paved with Cognitive Dissonance"

"Life Imitating Art: The Story of Dogbert and Me"

"Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo"