Basket Adjustment

My diet and eating habits have changed significantly since arriving in Germany. Some changes are linked to the different basket of goods available, while others have resulted from financial decisions:

  1. I eat far more bread, and it is both of better quality and more nutritious
  2. Sweet iced tea has been replaced by juice as my beverage of choice
  3. I eat a lot of margarine
  4. Besides the occasional wurst, I consume only deli meats
  5. My meals are simpler and my portions smaller
  6. I drink much more coffee and hot tea
  7. I eat breakfast
  8. Two different dishes comprise about 70-80 percent of my meals
  9. Dark chocolate is consumed regularly as a snack

What hasn’t changed is that I only rarely eat out, which is probably the biggest reason I’m able to survive on a food budget of less than 4 € per day. I look forward to the time when my income affords me feasts of roast duck and suckled pig, but it will be a while yet.