It's Business Time

Every Monday morning there is a set meeting at my company in which all the managers gather around a large ovular wooden table in a conference room and report to the director about their respective ongoing projects. I also attend these meetings and am ostensibly obliged to give a report on my activities, though I am sometimes skipped purposely by the managing director due the long-windedness of other managers and because it is (usually rightly) assumed that I have nothing of import to relate. At today’s meeting, however, the managing director tasked me with sharing my thoughts about a report the German government had released regarding the attractiveness of the former East German states for investment from India. The director was ambiguous as to what direction my thoughts should take, so I decided to be presumptuous and use the report as an argument for a new strategy for the company. It was bold, heady, simplistic, trite, and completely unfeasible, and was outlined in a halting German that belied the formidable competence of the speaker.

I think the director liked it.