Excitement abounds, for tomorrow I will be driving to Düsseldorf and back—IN A CAR! The trip will mark my first time experiencing the Autobahn from behind the wheel, and the danger and novelty of this will no doubt be enhanced by the fact that I haven’t driven a car in nearly nine months and that I’ll be taking the company car, errr, MPV. The occasion which facilitates all this is a trade fair, where I will be duly representing the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern to any and all potential investors. To be perfectly candid, I think I’ll hate the fair and the meetings because I hate schmoozing, but hope springs.

The fact that the colleague who is accompanying me does not like driving means that I’ll be in the driver’s seat for most of the 1,000 km round trip, but this distance (and our unwillingness to stay overnight in Düsseldorf) in turn means that we’ll be departing at 4:00 AM tomorrow morning and returning sometime before midnight.

Thus, I must quickly away so that I may achieve early slumber.