Unto The Coast Once More

It is with some regret that I must inform readers that there will be no blogging during the next week, for I will be travelling to the coast in order to impress a business delegation from Kansas with my Wikipedic knowledge of the region. Personal highlights will be visiting the island of Rügen, one of the most popular vacation spots for Germans ( the chalk cliffs of the island have been captured in a famous painting by Caspar David Friedrich, who readers will know is a favorite of mine), a Bar-B-Q in Trinwillershagen, where Dubya also enjoyed some suckled pig at the G-8 summit two years ago, and a several-hour sit-down with Chancellor Merkel herself, whose brazen display of femininity in this little number is a topic of conversation I have been dared to broach.

Interested readers can read more about the week in this small article that appeared in the Wichita Eagle.

Bis dann.