My roommate was born in Mexico and immigrated legally to the US where he was one of my classmates at university. He graduated from a well-ranked program, speaks English fluently, has ten times as many American friends as I do, and as far as I know did not acquire his current job at an environmental fabrics company by stealing it from an American. Nonetheless, because the American government restricts the number of people like him who can live here legally to a number far below the amount employers demand, he has now spent over a month in Mexico proving--among many other things--that he is not an alcoholic or otherwise poses a danger to Americans. All of this to renew for one year his coveted visa. Meanwhile, because the American government has made the import of certain drugs illegal despite large domestic demand, organized crime in Mexico is posing a danger to life, liberty, and democracy. Nearly 5,000 people have died in the struggle since the end of 2006, more than the number of Americans killed in Iraq. Some border towns are entirely controlled by gangsters, and the high profits earned in the black market are serving to stunt the growth of nascent political institutions.

To achieve more, demand less from your government.

Addendum: Then again, my roommate does have Lebanese roots and shares a surname with Bin Laden's former driver, so he is probably a terrorist. Touché, America.