Liveblogging the VP Debate

Wow, checking the stats reveals I actually had a few readers staying with me during large portions of the debate. Do let me know what you thought. ***End of Debate Blogging***

(10:33) Palin and Biden are still miked even after the debate, letting us hear the various obligatory pleasantries. I need to keep this in mind for the next two debates...

(10:30) Palin uses a novel tactic in her final statement: recite a speech by someone else. I would have preferred Hamlet's soliloquy.

(10:26) Palin has never changed her mind.

(10:25) Biden forthrightly splits an infinitive.

(10:17) Biden's weakness is said to be that he lacks discipline. I'm confused, as he's too old to have been in Detective Kimble's class in Kindergarten Cop.

(10:11) Biden says he spends a lot of time in Home Depot, and in that way he and I have nothing in common.

(10:08) Palin's folksy gee-whiz demeanor just doesn't work when discussing foreign policy and a financial crisis.

(10:05) Alaska's state-run investment fund had and may still have investments in Sudan? Note to self: never retire in Alaska.

(10:03) Biden "has no stomach for genocide." He will no doubt lose scores of allies with this brazen declaration.

(9:56) After being asked about nuclear weapon proliferation, Palin needs a few moments to find the section in her notes labeled "What To Say When Asked About Nuclear Proliferation."

(9:51) Biden says that McCain refuses to heed the repeated call of others to sit down. He also continues to soil the carpet and dig holes all over the yard.

(9:48) It appears Bush's pronunciation of the word "nuclear" has found its way into Palin's dictionary.

(9:44) Biden says McCain voted against a bill funding the troops "because there was a timeline in it". Biden goes on to say that perhaps if they had included some of Crichton's better works, like Sphere or Jurassic Park, McCain's vote would have been different.

(9:38) Both Biden and Palin think the government should continue to write marriage contracts. No word yet if they believe the government should begin authoring prenups and divorce agreements.

(9:30) Palin wants us to become energy independent because we can produce oil here. I pray the ghost of David Ricardo haunts her this eve and lectures her on wine and cloth.

(9:26) Palin has used the phrase "greed and corruption" to describe Wall Street about nine bigillion times.

(9:24) Palin is preaching an odd mix of populism and small government conservatism.

(9:22) One minute later, he struggles to conjugate the verb "to characterize" and the fuse fizzles.

(9:21) Oooh! Oooh! Biden somehow uses McCain's healthcare plan to bring up the infamous Alaskan "Bridge to Nowhere." Boom goes the dynamite!

(9:17) Palin has a ream of notes to which she refers quite often. In the words of Shania Twain, "That don't impress me much."

(9:12) Biden wouldn't let Wall Street "go wild" like John McCain. But what about the substantial revenues derived from such VHS classics as "Wall Street Does Mardi Gras?"

(9:08) Palin gushes that she joined a team of mavericks. No word yet if there are any geese or ice men on the roster.

(9:06) Be still my beating heart, Palin gets through the opening statement without providing SNL with its opening sketch for a third week in a row.

(9:00) I don't know if it was audible to TV audiences, but as Palin was shaking hands with Biden she asked him if she could call him "Joe." I didn't hear his response very well, but I believe he responded "Only if I can call you hotcakes."

(8:55) Gwen Ifill, the moderator, comes out in crutches and assures the audience that it’s because she fell, not because she was pushed. Some sites are reporting that she may have been blinking a Morse code message for help during this statement, however. More as it develops...

(8:50) I don't have my laptop today, so I'm forced to do this on my desktop PC while watching the debate streaming online. The DVR is running as backup downstairs.