Well Done, Flagon Man

Economics blogs are buzzing this morning about the awarding of the Nobel for economics to Paul Krugman "for his analysis of trade patterns and location of economic activity." While he is by all accounts a brilliant economist, I suspect most know him by his NYT column and blog, where he gained a reputation for shrill criticism of all things Bush more than any strict economic explication. I read his blog and columns in Germany (fitting, considering his name), but I never bothered to update my bookmarks when I returned to the US. That has now been rectified. I am also reminded that many economists, even those far away from him on the ideological spectrum, consider Krugman to have written some of the best books on economics, which is saying much considering the competitiveness of the field. The next book on my reading list is now is his Peddling Prosperity. I think I should like this to be the start a personal tradition where I read one major work of the Nobel winner each year.

Addendum: Krugman's short blog entry mentioning his winning the Nobel has attracted over 1,800 comments in three hours, such a deluge that commenting is now disabled. Given the listlessness of my readership, it goes without saying that I am insanely envious.