Liveblogging the Third Presidential Debate

***End of Liveblogging*** (10:30) Plumber Joe's last name is Wurzelbacher, which in German means something like "root-creek." Once again, you're welcome.

(10:28) McCain talks of mortgaging our children's futures as if it were a bad thing--but can't the government then buy them up and sell them later for a profit?

(10:27) McCain actually snorted as he chortled at his own stupid comment.

(10:25) Obama & McCain to D.C. Schools: You suck!

(10:15) I'd like the candidates to name something that's not an issue of national security.

(10:08) Both candidates would refuse to apply a litmus test to Supreme Court nominees, ignoring the deep social impact of landmark cases like Acid v Alkaline.

(10:05) Ten bucks says every news agency is scrambling to track down Plumber Joe right now and see what he thinks of all this.

(10:01) It says something that even as one of America's millions of uninsured I am remarkably bored by this portion of the debate. Maybe I should get my head checked....OH WAIT!

(9:59) Plumber Joe is invoked yet again. I begin to wonder what else is on...

(9:52) Obama's never been south of the border, says McCain. Cindy McCain shudders visibly.

(9:47) McCain says that nuclear energy works for naval ships, so why not for domestic homes? I like his logic here, because I've long thought homes would benefit from breech-loading 16 inch Mark 7 naval guns and a poop deck.

(9:44) Obama damns Palin by calling her a capable politician.

(9:39) Barack Obama associates with Bill Ayers, an old domestic  terrorist. But as I recall, John McCain spent over five years fraternizing with communists in the 60s and 70s--talk about calling the kettle black!

(9:37) Obama channels General McAuliffe: "ACORN? Nuts!"

(9:33) McCain refuses to mention how inappropriate some of Obama's supporters' T-shirts have been at rallies. He also is staunch in his refusal not to point out Obama has a stupid fat face.

(9:30) Comrade Commissar--both candidates have red stars clearly visible on the backdrop behind them! Something tells me this is Hank Paulson's doing.

(9:23) McCain has scars to prove how he handles disagreement. Cindy McCain shudders visibly .

(9:19) Do we need hatchets or scalpels? I say sharks with frickin' laser beams attached to their heads! Also I'm slowing descending into madness...

(9:15) Obama just promised that the toxic assets the US government is about to buy from distressed banks will actually yield a profit in the long-term. Let us hope that fortune does indeed favor the bold.

(9:07) McCain proves decisively that he, unlike Obama, cares for plumbers named Joe.

(9:03) McCain deigns to use his opening remark for alerting us once again to the malady of some well-known person.

(8:56) I've just noticed that the setup for tonight's debate has the two candidates sitting, as if co-anchors, across a desk from one another. I hope the candidates take time to reflect on the potential political payoffs in leaping across the divide at some appropriate point in the debate and attempting to throttle the other person while splayed across the desk. Or, if they are not considering it for political payoff, to consider doing it for me, who would enjoy seeing this particular manifestation of my imagination occur very much.

(8:38) And Frank Fahrenkopf, who is the Co-Chairman of the Commission of Presidential Debates and is speaking right now on CSPAN, has a surname that means "driving-head" in German. These two etymological facts will, by the way, represent the greatest increase in your knowledge this entire evening, and you're welcome.

(8:32) Tonight's moderator is veteran newsman Bob Schieffer, whose last name in German means "shale" or "slate."