Vote for the Vote

With the most important election in human or non-human history just days away, I am still one of the undecided voters whom political operatives consider to be abjectly stupid.  My indecisiveness is, however, of a different flavor than many others, for I was long ago decided not to vote for any main party nominee, instead opting to write in a candidate of my choosing. Thus the decision which before me lies is quite open-ended, in contrast to the 50/50 proposition with which other undecideds are faced. I turn to you, dear readers, to resolve this for me. Below is a poll with a few suggestions, but I am far more interested in hearing what your thoughts are.  Silliness is not my goal, but if that's what the people want, that's what the people shall get, 'cause that's democracy.

Vote early, and vote often.

Addendum: I do have the ability to see your write-ins for my write-in, and I may share those after voting has completed.

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