Voting Vagaries

My poll was a success, dear readers! After examining the votes cast in my poll, I have arrived at a decision as to who will be my write-in candidate. Though the plurality of votes went to Stephen Colbert, in the end one person’s vote made all the difference--touché, Hollywood celebs!

My choice for write-in candidate will be John Galt.

Now, I want to be clear that I am not randy for Rand (if you will), nor did I particularly enjoy The Fountainhead or Atlas Shrugged, even if I think each contains a lot of sense. To the extent I know anything about Objectivism, which is admittedly not much, I don’t favor its epistemology. Nonetheless, I like John Galt because the name is widely-known and carries definite enough connotations that I’m confident my general sentiment will be communicated.

But even though he is my preferred presidential candidate, I won’t be voting for John Galt next Tuesday, because South Carolina doesn’t allow write-ins for presidential elections, a fact which may well persuade me not to bother voting. My motivation for voting is expressive and somewhat moral, so taking away my ability to vote expressively takes away my main reason for visiting the polls.

If I do cast a ballot next Tuesday, my selection for President will be “none of the above.” If that is not possible, I will leave that part of the ballot blank. In either case, I will most likely be brusque to the polling staff and scowl at the voting machine for several seconds before submitting my ballot—I’ve got to get my expressiveness in there somehow.