In Which I Channel Kai Ryssdal

Hey reader, scoot your chair a little closer and let's get meta for a moment:

  • This blog beloved has been in existence now for close to 16 months.
  • Pasted into a Word document, the blog is 147 single-spaced pages.
  • 224 posts hath this blog, and about 54,000 original words.
  • This averages out to about one 240-word post every other day.
  • If I were billed $.50 for every word in a typical post, I could not pay out of my primary checking account unless payment were deferred until next Friday.
  • Including quoted text, the total word count increases to 60,500, or about 270 words per post.
  • Approximately 84 percent of my posts' titles contain humorous puns or witty associations.
  • Of that 84 percent, about 73 percent are not apprehended and/or appreciated.
  • I will gladly extend a wink and a nod to the first person to state the significance of this post's title in the comments.
  • Speaking of which, my posts have garnered about 97 comments.
  • A small proportion of commentators make 80 percent of these comments, which aligns well with the Pareto principle.
  • There are fully-written entries I've never posted.
  • If I include something about myself in an entry, I almost always edit it out before posting.
  • The most popular search terms for this blog have to do with rhetoric, Plato, Aristotle, Obama, or some combination thereof.
  • My most loyal readers are people whom I've never met or haven't seen in years.
  • On a typical post, coming up with a concluding thought is the hardest part.

So, um, yeah. That's it.