Right of Way

Every morning, not far from where a diminutive man assailed me with darts, I face another threat: drivers turning right on red who are unaccustomed to pedestrians at crosswalks. These drivers, focused solely on finding a break in rush hour traffic long enough to turn onto the thoroughfare, will often complete the entire maneuver with their head turned leftward, not once bothering to check what lies before them. The carefully constructed graphic below demonstrates the unavoidable danger (click to enlarge):

Crosswalk of Death

Once I was bumped as I attempted to take Crosswalk A. Ms. McRush in her SUV was so fixated on making the turn that not only had she failed to notice my entering the crosswalk, but she also lurched forward twice—yes twice— as she weighed whether or not to make the dart into traffic, striking me both times in a matter of a second or two (My hand slapping down on her hood finally got her attention).

Crosswalk B requires still more vigilance. Here the danger is that drivers gun it once they realize the light has changed, rounding the corner with too high a degree of fastness and furiousness. I’ve almost had my feet run over a few times, and even just this morning, and despite having made eye contact with her mere seconds earlier, another wonderful woman nearly clipped me with her SUV as I stepped off the curb. So great was my anger at her blithesome unawareness that I very nearly tore off my own shoe and threw it at her back window.

May the Lord help me if He deigns to let it snow this winter, for I will surely perish as silly Southerners scramble on slippery streets for their bread and milk.