The Cost of Living (Abroad)

According to ECA International, the most expensive city for expatriates is Luanda, Angola. That’s in Africa, by the way. But if that didn’t surprise you, consider that London ranks in this year at 72!

Thanks primarily to the wild fluctuations in currency exchange rates, London and Seoul have fallen from the ranks of the most expensive cities on Earth for expatriates. Moscow earns the honor of most expensive city in Europe and Tokyo is the most expensive in Asia, according to ECA International, a human resources consultancy which tracks the cost of living in cities around the world.

With the pound plummeting, London is listed at 72nd, well behind Copenhagen, Oslo, Paris, Vienna, Berlin and a host of other cities, ECA reports. The Angolan capital of Luanda remains the most expensive city for expats, according to the study, which tracks the prices of 125 consumer goods and services (although it excludes property).

Moscow is now the most expensive in Europe, Tokyo for Asia, and Caracas, Venezuela for South America. Manhattan is unsurprisingly the most expensive place in North America, but it ranks only 21st (NYC as a whole is at 29).

Africa offers the most variance, with some of the most and least expensive cities in the world. That is of especial interest to this expat, but more on that later.

HT: CI of E