A Year in Cities, 2008

Others in the blogosphere have done this, and I thought I’d follow suit. Following is a list of cities I visited in the last calendar year, excluding smaller places and short stops en route somewhere else. Asterisks indicate a city I had not visited before:

  1. Antwerp, BE*
  2. Berlin, DE
  3. Bolzano, IT*
  4. Brussels, BE
  5. Copenhagen, DK*
  6. Düsseldorf, DE
  7. Frankfurt, DE*
  8. Hamburg, DE
  9. Innsbruck, AT*
  10. Malmö, SE*
  11. Munich, DE
  12. New York, NY
  13. Rostock, DE
  14. Schwerin, DE*

Writing this list brought into relief just how much of my travels were to smaller towns or countryside. Meck-Pomm has no major cities besides Rostock, so a week spent traveling around there with a business delegation is not reflected in the list. Similarly, my nearly three weeks of travel in June/July were spent mostly driving through German hinterlands and hiking in the Italian Alps. Still, I did visit three new countries in the past year (if superficially).

Also of note is that I did  hardly any American travel. This will likely remain largely unchanged for 2009, though I have one brief trip scheduled to Pennsylvania at the end of January. Despite my earlier yearning, it seems my upcoming journeys will again send me to faraway lands.