Adopting a New Strategy

The smiling faces belie the sad statistic:

Having a child, or even having someone with whom to have a child, is far from a priority in my life at the moment. Insofar as I do ever start a family, however, a desire of mine for some time has been only to have one biological child and adopt however many else from a poor part of the world. It's not that I'm a Malthusian--all things the same, the more the merrier says I--but for me there's some moral responsibility not to keep creating children who in some sense take the place of affluence from poor kids already living hardscrabble existences. Kids are not fungible commodities, I know, but fecundity is no longer necessary to fulfill the biological imperative, and can production not be outsourced after the first one is made in-house?*

My brother would probably disagree, seeing as he and his wife just welcomed their third daughter into the world a few days ago. And come to think of it, he is my older brother by nearly a decade...

*Isn't that just the most predictable analogy for me to make? It's late; ich kann nicht anders. Gott helfe mir.