The Runaround

After nearly two months in Kigali, I went on a run. The delay was due to a number of excuses, the most paltry of which was that I insisted to myself I needed to buy first a fan for cool-off  (and they are quite expensive), but in the end I was able to drag myself out of bed and had a great run in the cool dawn hour. Here's my route (click to enlarge):

Kigali Run - Satellite View

What the satellite image doesn't reveal is the topography, which is what makes the route my most challenging yet. Here's a view of the terrain, expanded out a bit so you can see a bit more of the city (and no, I haven't yet played a round on that golf course).

Kigali Run - terrain

Kigali's about a mile above sea level, so the air is noticeably thinner. Did I mention Rwanda is known as the Land of a Thousand Hills?

Elevation Change

The Kigali run offers some great views, but I'm undecided if it tops my first regular route in Schwerin. Where Kigali has hills, Schwerin has lakes, beautiful lakes.

Schwerin Run -Satellite

Contrast those with my two American routes. The one in my parents' neighborhood is mostly on a walking trail following a creek. Not quite a lake, but...

Simpsonville Run

And here's a route I ran for a few months in Columbia. It had the virtue of...uh, being the correct length?

Columbia Run