Iron Chef: Kigali

Fellow Sojourners,

  • Who: Anyone who enjoys food or quests for honor
  • What: The Inaugural Iron Chef: Kigali
  • When: Saturday at 14:00 (21:00 Tokyo time)
  • Where: Kitchen Stadium (aka Jon Stever's house)

Further details can be found in the following haikus.

Cherry blossoms wilt Hot blast blows through Kigali People cowering

No time to take care Three hours will decide fate Five cooking teams rush

Many francs in fists, One focus ingredient Three courses prepared

Chairwoman presides For five thousand paid cash full Judges will rule

Saturday cometh Stever's house at noon plus two Honor à la carte


The hot blast blows still Flows from victory bellows Chefs from Iron forged

Yours most honorably, The Power Brokers of Kigali

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