Worth a Thousand Words

I haven't  learned much Kinyarwanda yet--French is far more useful on the margin--but after a colleague showed me a phrase book (a scanned page of which is below), I'm having second thoughts:

After all, what if I'm stuck helpless in a situation where the following phrase might be needed?

  • Of what use are these little things? Just take them.
  • Outside help comes when the rain is over.
  • I'd rather die than give it up.
  • I worked harder than the others, but you didn't see it.
  • I'm wet (from the rain). I'm going to find shelter.
  • Who is the mother of this child?
  • It's my paternal uncle that you saw, my maternal uncle is dead.
  • Learning to whistle skins the mouth.

And my personal favorite:

  • The child's small hands deprive him of his share of the sorghum.