The iPad has been unveiled, and I with my unquenchable thirst for what everyone's saying about it just performed a twitter search, which allowed me to view people's comments in real time. As it happens, this tweet was one of the first I read:

Vielleicht gibt es irgendwann ein iPad mini mit dem man auch telefonieren kann... oh, halt..


Perhaps someday there'll be an iPad Mini with which one can also make phone calls....oh, wait.

I've evinced in the past that Germans do actually understand sarcasm; nonetheless the fact that this comment was auf Deutsch rather than English made it about 34 percent funnier to me.

UPDATE--After posting, I kept refreshing the page. Another tweet:

If someone gave me an #ipad I'll gladly accept it but not sure if I'll go out & buy one at the current price. #underwhelmed

Fig is begging me to bite my tongue, BUT....I ...CAN'T......