A Year in Cities, 2010

A new year approaches yet again, which means it's time for me to list the stops I made this past year. Smaller places are excluded save for those in which I spent a longer amount of time. This time around, asterisks indicate a city of residency, while bold type indicates a new-to-me place.
  1. Kigali, RW*
  2. Greenville, SC*
  3. Charleston, SC
  4. Washington, DC
  5. Cincinnati, OH
  6. New York, NY
  7. Keene/Walpole, NH*
  8. Concord, NH
  9. Cologne, DE
  10. Freiburg, DE (where I am at the moment)

I spent the first five months this year in Africa, but unlike last year, I didn't venture outside Rwanda. As per my 2008 wish, however, I did see much of the great American homeland, as Thelma and I drove from DC to SC to OH to DC on a family-acquainting driving tour.

Unlike previous years, I head into 2011 knowing where I'll be residing this year and the next. Thelma's agreed to indenture herself to Teach for America handling drooling pre-schoolers in metro Atlanta, so it'll be southerly I go. I don't think my expat days are fully behind me, but I am looking forward to a more staid couple of years living a certain version of the American Dream. There's also the fact that  Thelma has summers off and tho' it surely be a forsaken place, ATL will be but a peanut's throw away.