My Work on Ken Burns' 'The Dust Bowl'

You can catch the first half of Ken Burns' "The Dust Bowl" on PBS tonight and tomorrow evening at 8pm EST. If you stick around until the end of each of the two hours, you'll find my name in the credits:

Hold back on your temptation heartily to congratulate me, for as best I can recall I did not actually perform any work on this one; I was assigned to" The Roosevelts," which is still two years away. Nevertheless "The Dust Bowl" was going through its first screenings while I was working at the edit house in the white winter of '10. As a result I got to sit through several of them, including the first one to which select members of the public were invited.

That meant I got to hear reactions from some of the historians in the film like Pamela Riney-Kehrberg, Timothy Egan, and Bill Leuchtenburg, in addition to the pontifications of Ken and Dayton Duncan, the writer. It was there I first heard Ken talk about The Dust Bowl as a parallel to current environmental problems, about which I hope to write about after I give the finished film my first viewing.

Anyway, it's on!