A Weekend and a Wedding in Saint Thomas

Thelma and I were in Saint Thomas for a wedding and mini-vacation this past weekend*. I shot some footage using my newly-acquired Nikon D7000, and had enough to put together this short wedding video.

I purposefully brought only my 50mm f/1.8D lens as a creative exercise. I don't have a lot of hands-on DSLR video experience, but as a producer and with my time with Full Lock Media I've developed a basic competency.

I cut the video using Premiere Pro CS6, which is starting to become the default NLE at my agency over Final Cut 7. I had never tried color correcting video before, and found the native three-way tool easy and effective. The warp stabilizer tool worked magic on my (all) handheld shots, in particular turning some nauseating pans into smooth cinema.

I have more non-wedding footage I'll video-fy and share soon.

*We had a good experience at Villa Marbella, which offered a good room price, an inexpensive car rental, local knowledge, and a ride to/from the airport.