The Six O's of the 2013 Southeast Creative Summit

SECS_Featured Several of us from Mountain View Group attended the inaugural Southeast Creative Summit this past weekend in downtown Atlanta. Here's six themes that emerged from the eight sessions I attended.

Mac Pro

The tubular new Mac Pro came up often among presenters and attendees. Walter Biscardi, Gary Adcock, and others preferred the value proposition of an iMac or even a customized PC equipped with Thunderbolt .

A New I/O

In his 4k, high frame rate acquisition, and (duh) Thunderbolt sessions, Gary Adcock extolled Apple/ Intel's hardware interface. Not only will Thunderbolt's speed become essential to handle ballooning data sizes, but the capabilities of this technology are also changing how people arrange their systems and workflows.


See also: Your Mileage May Vary. Evangelism was kept to a minimum as presenters talked more about process than making emphatic software recommendations.

Shotput Pro

One of the few programs mentioned by multiple presenters under the rubric of "you should probably just buy this." At $100, this copy utility is used by one-man bands and feature film DITs to ensure their data is safely transferred and backed up.


I suspect that, like me, a top priority for many was learning about proper archival and storage. As much as the workflows have gone digital, many professionals still look to tape to provide the most physically reliable archive.


OK, I fudged the rhyme scheme on the last one, but lookit!