My Work on the ABC Promo

Here's a video I wrote and helped produce for Atlanta Bicycle Coalition with Mountain View Group:

Throughout production, this project evolved from a general Atlanta audience promo to more of a mission video aimed at donors and those already familiar with the organization. Consequently the script went through several drafts, as we tried to find the right balance between being substantive without making the piece too dry. One compromise along these lines was putting some of the denser factoids into on screen text rather than in the protagonist's mouth.

The one-day shoot was done guerrilla style, with the small crew getting from location to location on bikes. The main camera was usually shooting from the back of a pedicab and I shot handheld and mounted GoPro footage from my own bike with the help of the iPhone app. We shot two versions of many scenes, one by the script and one with more conversational lines that the other producer and came up with on the spot. Many of these alternate takes made the finished version (the coffee line at 1:25 is example where I managed to weasel some humor in).

During editing I organized the Premiere Pro project, selected music, and helped the editors find good shots from the shoot.

Project roles: writer, associate producer, media manager, B-cam (GoPro) operator, assistant editor.