On Safari in Masai Mara

As noted, I spent my Christmas holiday in Kenya. The highlight of the trip was a two-day safari in Masai Mara, my first.* We stayed at the Sarova Mara Game Camp, and our guide, Ken, was excellent.

*During my year in Rwanda I camped at Akagera National Park several times; there's some wildlife to be seen but not the kind or amount usually associated with a true safari.

We were also lucky. Each of our drives presented animals aplenty, and of the vaunted big five game, we missed only the rhinoceros. We even witnessed a kill--in this case a cheetah taking down a hapless antelope--a jewel missing in most safari-goer's crowns.

Below is a video (Vimeo or YouTube, pick your platform) I made of the trip. The video combines footage I shot with my D7000 as well as my iPhone 5, which served quite well an ersatz GoPro (The high frame rate capabilities of the 5s would've been awesome for this.). Considering it's verboten to leave the vehicle in the park, I was pleased with the variety of shots I got.  Take a look.

SPECIAL BLOG BONUS: At bottom check out a slideshow of the best stills.